Courses / seminars

As a graduate, you have various opportunities to continue your education at our facility. At our Luth location. Wittenberg (DE) exclusively offer advanced training in the fields of care management, medicine, economics, political science, information management and media management.

Our offer in the field of further education and training (on-site course / correspondence course) are mainly synchronous. With the classic on-site course, you study at our facility at fixed times. We have been offering the correspondence course for over 20 years, here you can study from home with free time management. All learning materials are available from the eCampus (more information can be found in the course offer.

Another advantage of the Irish / German model is the payment of the course fee (payment in installments). In contrast to the German payment system, the Irish model does not grant classic installment payments. Here, the graduate event has the option of booking it individually as lesson blocks instead of paying in installments. The Irish model is a good substitute solution, especially for over-indebted prospects, where no installment payments are granted according to the German model. The course is analogous and independent of the model, the official language at our facilities is basically German, with the exception of special courses under international law, here the official language for international interested parties is English (...)

The recognition of the qualifications is of equal importance, as these are recognized within the EU. In principle, the degrees are issued in the national language (German), with the exception of special courses according to international law, which give them a higher priority.

Study our range of courses thoroughly so that you get an overview and find the desired course variant or course / degree program.

Course variants

Correspondence courses

At our institution, the duration of the course is variable (minimum / maximum duration of study). You determine the duration of your studies and the pace yourself. The minimum period of study according to the enrollment is the standard period of study. The standard period of study results from the respective number of hours of the booked course. The extension of the standard period of study (difference) between the minimum and maximum period of study is free of charge and can be carried out independently by the graduate in order to complete the course.

The course must be completed within 24 months (maximum duration of study). If you do not complete the course within the maximum study period, you will need to re-enroll (extension).

A change to another course variant is not possible.

In order to improve performance, it is possible to take part in face-to-face phases (lectures on campus). Participation in the lectures is voluntary. Each lecture is repeated several times per academic year and can be used by the course participant.

  • Booking of attendance phases (lectures):
    • The graduate of a correspondence course has the option of booking face-to-face events free of charge (at least 55 percent of the distance course / number of course hours booked). In order to attend the lecture, the guest auditor must register four weeks in advance of the stated course start date (website / eCampus form) and find out before the start of the advertised course date (lecture) whether the course will be postponed or canceled fails for technical reasons.
    • Each face-to-face event (lecture) is repeated several times during the course of the course (...).
    • Participation in face-to-face events is saved electronically; for this, the participant needs his or her student ID (plastic card). The storage of participant data will be deleted after the course is completed (data protection).
    • The training provider reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the event (lecture) if there are fewer than 55 participants.
  • Video lectures (full version and studio production):
    • Every graduate can, if available, download the recorded lectures from the media library. Every lecture is recorded and published by an external production partner (FVL-WorldMedia) for reasons of quality, marketing and teaching and can be downloaded free of charge by any interested party / course participant (...)
  • Livestream (lecture / lecture hall or studio production):
    • Live streaming is a streaming media offering (video or audio) that is provided in real time (English live). This means that this lecture is live and can be viewed live by the course participant via the Internet (day / month / year / time). In addition, the course participant has the opportunity to chat live with the lecturer or to communicate via audio. (...)

* This course variant (distance learning course) is not a distance learning course (ZFU). This course is subject to the admission criteria.

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On-site courses

For on-site courses, participation in face-to-face phases is mandatory. Exceptions are illness or other severe incapacitation cases (max. 20 percent). To take part in the course, the graduate must register 4 weeks in advance of the designated start of the course (website form).

Before the start of the advertised class, the graduate student must find out whether the event (lecture) will be postponed or canceled for technical reasons. The educational institution reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the event (lecture) if there are fewer than 55 participants.

Dates for the attendance phases are stored on the in-house website (M&B - eCampus).

Certified according to DIN ISO 9001, 29990, 27001 and AAA.

Dual courses of study

In a dual study course, the course participant (graduate) studies online from home. He receives the learning materials via the in-house server (online campus / eCampus). The graduate controls his knowledge through automated self-learning controls (multiple choice questions, - with electronic resolution). Participation in attendance phases is not part of this course variant. A change to another course variant is not possible.

Certified according to DIN ISO 9001, 29990, 27001 and AAA.