Our facility has two separate teaching systems (campus and eCampus). This results in different teaching processes, which can be important for the graduate (...)

The campus is the core of our facility, the axis between students and teachers. The campus is divi-ded into two main groups, campus and eCampus. The campus itself is a training center, consisting of administration, classrooms, lecture halls and conference rooms. These are required for the hand-ling of lectures (lessons). The departments of care management, medicine, economics, political science, information management and media management are taught at our facility.

The e-Campus is an electronic platform and external access for our graduates. Here the course participants have the opportunity to download the material modules (learning units) as PDF files. In addition, the course participant can view the course of studies (exams, lecturer notifications, etc.). You have the option of downloading all the necessary learning materials via the e-Campus. The graduate receives access authorization for the eCampus after registering for the course.

Overview campus:

  • Switchboard / business center
  • Secretariat / post office
  • Secretariat II / Board of Directors
  • Study organization and student administration
  • Department and working groups for the elderly and the sick
  • Department and working group occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy department and working group
  • Speech therapy department and working group
  • Education department and working group
  • Department and working group of other disciplines
  • College lecturers and lecturer pool
  • Business and Advertising Department
  • IT department
  • Editing department
  • Press Office Department
  • Campus TV Department

Overview e-Campus:

  • Registration
  • Overview / legend e-Campus
  • Download area
  • Examination record / class register
  • Online library
  • Online shop
  • Trade journal (geriatric care & nursing)
  • Campus newspaper
  • Forum
  • Course information
  • Lecture dates in the lecture hall
  • Video lecture dates full version and block version
  • Awards - best of the year
  • Exam dates - re-examination
  • Quality assessment
  • FAG
  • Contact
  • General terms and conditions, examination regulations, house rules, e-Campus user agreement, data protection

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