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Welcome at our institute

Our Institute "M&B Marketing-Bildung Inst. Ltd.", has an old German tradition at national and international level, is headquartered in England and has an office in Germany. This enables us to cover the entire European market.

Our institute is devoted exclusively to the fields of Marketing and Education”.

In the area of marketing we are a reputed company (Consolidated Group) that specialises in advising medium-sized companies, developing concepts, reducing weak points in companies and identifying new solutions (revenue and profit optimisation).

Our institute has been active in the field of education for many years. With our status as a private college in England and Germany, our institution is recognised nationally and internationally. In the field of further education and training, we are mainly active in the following disciplines: economics, medicine, naturopathy and nursing. Currently there are more than 800 graduates studying at our institute and preparing themselves for their final exam. At the graduation ceremony, graduates receive a certificate in English. These courses and our qualification have long since established themselves in the EU, for example in Germany, England, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. Some graduates have meanwhile been promoted to the management of their company, while others successfully run companies of their own.

Our consolidated group owns the “Fachverlag London Ltd.” publishing house, meaning that our company is independent in the area of public relations, publication of research papers and the publishing of literature.

More information is available in the individual departments.

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